Erik Brooks is a 38-year-old, Communications Manager at MillerCoors. He has lived on the south side of Milwaukee for the majority of his life. He and his wife moved to South Milwaukee due to the great schools for their two children. Brooks has held an Alderman seat for the past five years. He is a co-founder of the South Milwaukee’s Downtown Farmers Market. Other community involvement includes membership in the Lions, the local Chamber of Commerce, his church, and his blog. He is backed by South Milwaukee Firefighters union.

Brooks has run a clean, optimistic campaign. He believes that this City has a good story to tell. It has good schools, great parks, and is close to downtown Milwaukee. He states that it is the Mayor’s job to be a cheerleader for the City. He has been campaigning since October. “This is important to me,” Brooks said. “It’s time for a change. I’ve knocked on 1,000 doors, and I plan to knock 1,000 more.”

Brooks acknowledges that the City could have done a better job of communicating the Wal-Mart project in advance. He will strive for more public involvement on future projects. As example of his interest in transparency, Brooks cites that it was his blog that broke the Wal-Mart story. He intends to continue with his blog, as he sees it as the primary source of community information in South Milwaukee. “Transparency is necessary for an open government,” Brooks said. “I want to bring significant council news to the light of day.”

Brooks complemented the City stating that the City delivers its services well, with limited resources. “It is a credit to the people of the city who work incredibly hard.” These efforts have led to the creation of a budget to be proud of, one that the council and Mayor worked on together.

“We should be proud,” Brooks said. “But it’s not enough to be proud, or pound our chest, and then call it a day.” Brooks went on to state that they could always do things better, and that it is the job of the Mayor to be innovative. Brooks wants to reinvigorate the downtown, redevelop the Mill Pond, and increase overall economic development. He believes the City needs to do things to make it more appealing for people, to invest in attractions. “The ugliest property in South Milwaukee is owned by the city,” Brooks said, referring to the vacant land located at 1214 Milwaukee Avenue. “The downtown is progressively more vacant. We should not be satisfied with the efforts to bring new businesses and families to the City.”

Brooks stated that during his five years, he has done his best, but that more can and should be done. He is not going to be complacent. “I want to lead the effort,” Brooks said. “I will devote whatever it takes to get the job done.” Brooks went on to state that he has great support from his family and his employer.

Brooks believes that the Mayor needs to be a cheerleader, be the big ideas guy, and be the innovator. Not to let the City rely on past success, but to keep moving forward. “I’m proud of our past, but we can’t sit still on the key issues, it’s time for a change,” Brooks said. Brooks knows that voters have a choice. He is excited for this opportunity. “The people of this City are ready for a change and new direction,” Brooks said, which is “achievable through hard work and citizens’ support.”

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